Non-Adherent Silicone Wound Contact Dressing.  Open Mesh allows exudate pass-thru.  Can be used with topical ointments and with NPWT.



Polyurethane Foam Dressings with Silicone Adhesive and Silver for exudate absorption, broad spectrum antibacterial coverage and extra gentle non-adhesive properties.

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Multi-Layered, Composite Wound Dressing.  Provided as an "island" dressing for easy application.

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Polyurethane Foam Wound Dressings for use on moderate to highly draining wounds.  Provided with or without Silicone adhesive.

Silver Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing.  Provided in pad or rope form to absorb exudate with broad spectrum antibacterial coverage.

Polyurethane Foam with Silver Wound Dressings provide broad spectrum antibacterial activity and effective exudate management.

Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing.  Provided in pad or rope form for use on highly draining wounds.

Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing.  Provides optimal moist environment conducive to wound healing.

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